Set Photo Reveals First Look at Godzilla in Godzilla 2

Even though we’re still a year and a half away from its release, director Michael Dougherty is teasing fans with another image from the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters. There have already been leaked pictures of some destruction, whilst viral promos have hinted at the other Kaiju that the big guy will be facing. But now Dougherty has tweeted the very first image of Godzilla, albeit perhaps not in the form that some people would like to see.

With the first Godzilla movie earning over $520 million worldwide, and the positive reception it had with most monster movie fans, a sequel was never really in any doubt. Little was it suspected at the time that the film would be the first step in creating a Monsterverse, which would re-invent classic Toho Kaiju and pit them against each other. This soon became apparent when clear links were established between that film and Kong: Skull Island. As Dougherty was announced as director and further details were given, it was realized that the sequel would be a monster-fest with several creatures thrown into the mix.


Dougherty has since posted images on social media as filming started, with one recent tweet apparently showing an “Oxygen Destroyer,” which is a clear throwback reference to an important weapon and plot point in the 1954 Toho original. As regards Big-G himself though, we’ve seen nothing so far. That was until Dougherty posted this on-set photo:

While it’s not a scale model or a glimpse of an elaborate SFX shot showing the colossus in all his glory, it is very definitely Godzilla and the first glimpse we’ve had of him from the film. But it’s obviously a very early rendering of the King of Monsters, and seems to have been set up for a reaction shot. The face is being projected onto a large screen, above what seems to be the cockpit of a plane. The only description that Dougherty gives is that it’s day 69 of the scheduled shoot. Given the sparse detail and lack of context to the shot, it’s hard to read much into it. But the features of Godzilla seem to mostly remain the same as the previous film, apart from the increased stockiness around his neck. This could be due to any number of reasons, but some people on social media have wondered whether it indicates that the Kaiju has evolved into an even tougher monster after his last battle, or that he’s wearing armor of some kind, or even that “something” has wrapped itself around him.

It’s a canny move by the filmmaker as it reveals little but has caused a lot of online excitement. It only whets the appetite for further shots and details for the movie itself. The human cast is proving to be just as strong as the Kaiju, including the likes of Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Vera Farmiga, Charles Dance, and the returning Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) as the surviving Monarch scientists. We’ll bring you more shots and news about Godzilla: King of the Monsters as we get it.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure Trailer is Coming Soon; First Look Images

A slew of promotional images for Maze Runner: The Death Cure have been released online, coupled with a tease that the film’s first trailer will be hitting the web very soon. The third installment in the Maze Runner saga will close out the film adaptation of the thriller novels from James Dashner when it hits theaters early next year.

Admittedly, The Death Cure has been a long time coming after going through a major setback in the film’s principal photography. Early last year, Dylan O’Brien, who plays lead Thomas in the franchise, was hurt in an on-set accident while filming the movie in Vancouver. Although fans were quickly assured the actor did not suffer any life-threatening injuries, production for the movie was suspended to give the Teen Wolf actor enough time to recuperate. This resulted to the flick’s release date being moved to January 2018 with filming only resuming early this year.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed, a gallery of photo stills from The Death Cure has emerged online. The snaps feature the surviving Gladers gearing up for an intense face-off with the World in Catastrophe: Killzone Department (W.C.K.D.) for one last time as they try to possibly save Minho (Ki Hong Lee) who was captured towards the climactic end of Scorch Trials. Unfortunately, it does not seem like it would be an easy ride judging by the grim looking pictures with the team going on dangerous missions to make sure that most of them, if not all, finish the deadly maze and make a sense of what the death-defying adventure was really all about. On top of saving themselves, the world’s fate also lies in the hands of the team as they take it onto themselves to find the cure for the ongoing deadly epidemic that has already killed millions of people over the world.

In conjunction to the slew of snaps hitting the web, the official Twitter account of the film has also teased about the trailer for The Death Cure dropping anytime soon. While no specific date was mentioned, with just a few months before the threequel rolls out in cinemas, we can expect that Fox will already start promoting the project and what better way to prolong the renewed interest in the property via the release of the promo pictures but a sneak peek clip.

It will be interesting to see if Death Cure‘s delay has any kind of substantial impact on its commercial reception. While the first installment of the series was a modest hit with $102.4 million domestically, The Scorch Trials fell off and earned only $81.6 million in the U.S. The property does have a built-in audience thanks to the popularity of the source material, but the moviegoing public may have moved on from the franchise by the time the finale reaches theaters.

Rumor: Justice League Reshoots Changing the Ending

As information about Justice League’s extensive reshoots continues to trickle out, a new rumor suggests Joss Whedon isn’t just lightening the tone of DC’s big team up movie – he’s also changing the film’s ending.

While Whedon took the reins of Justice League from director Zack Snyder when the latter suffered a family tragedy, the Avengers director was already working on script rewrites. As the DCEU attempts to move away from the grim and gritty aesthetic of Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and closer to the earnest, optimistic worldview of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, bringing in Whedon to lighten Justice League’s tone made a tremendous amount of sense.


But according to a new report, Whedon’s also making a significant change to the film’s story. /Film’s Peter Sciretta has shared the rumor that Whedon is changing the film’s ending. Originally conceived as the first film of a two part story, Justice League will no longer end on a cliffhanger, and will de-emphasize elements of the story that suggest Darkseid’s arrival on Earth is imminent. Sciretta also claims that a flashback scene was shot featuring Robin Wright’s Wonder Woman character, Antiope, that beefs up Steppenwolf’s credibility as the movie’s big bad, rather than just an opening act for Darkseid in a future film.


If true, this all makes a lot of sense. While the notion of a two-film Justice League story was jettisoned before filming began, it’s unclear how much Chris Terrio’s original script was altered by the time Snyder stepped behind the camera. And featuring Darkseid – arguably the most powerful villain in the DC Universe – so early in the DCEU’s run always felt too soon. As the DCEU realigns itself around the creative vision of Geoff Johns – along with more likeminded collaborators like Whedon and Jenkins – it makes sense that Darkseid would be left off the table for the immediate future, as the films refocus on introducing us to the heroes of DC and their respective corners of the universe.

This also further muddies the already plenty muddy waters regarding whether or not Justice League is, at this point, a Zack Snyder or Joss Whedon film. While cast and crew previously downplayed Whedon’s contributions, Ben Affleck recently suggested the movie is truly a product of two directors. As this is likely Snyder’s final DCEU outing, it will be interesting to see how much of his influence and signature style remains in the final product.

James Gunn Addresses Groot’s Age in Avengers: Infinity War

James Gunn shared some interesting details about the growth of Groot throughout the Guardians of the Galaxyfranchise and into Avengers: Infinity War. Gunn did not direct Infinity War, but he did serve as an executive producer and Anthony & Joe Russo (Captain America: Civil War) will certainly benefit from his vision.

One Marvel Cinematic Universe character generating some buzz from both Vol. 2 and the unreleased Comic-Con and D23 trailer for Infinity War is Groot, who went from Baby Groot to an adolescent version of the character in a Vol. 2post-credits scene. “Adolescent Groot” also appeared in the Infinity War trailer shown at SDCC and D23, which has led to questions about his age — and Gunn himself was there to answer them.

Gunn’s response came on Sunday through his own Facebook page, when he confirmed that the Groot seen in the Infinity War trailer is the same age as he is in the Vol. 2 post-credits scene. Here’s how he explained Groot’s odd rate of growth and how it differs from human beings:


“Like dogs, who grow at a different rate than humans, and spend a different percentage of their lives in adolescence than humans do, Groot and Humans do not grow at some exact exchange rate. So, although two months seems to be about two years (as Baby Groot seems to behave roughly like a two year old), it is not fair to assume that every month is a year to Groot. He has an alien biology and ages in a completely different way than a human being. Different aspects of his growth may take longer or shorter than a human’s.”

Gunn explained that Groot is specifically an “adolescent” in his Vol. 2 post-credits scene and in the Infinity War trailer from SDCC and D23, not a “teen” as has been reported. He also clarified that Baby Groot is two months older from the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy and takes years to become Adolescent Groot, but he wouldn’t specify how long.

Ending the post with a note that “it will take years” to show Groot’s growth from adolescence into adulthood, Gunn left his followers in a bit of suspense. A fan asked whether “Adult Groot” would be in the still-untitled fourth Avengersmovie, but Gunn could not answer either way. No matter how Groot (and the rest of the Guardians) evolve between now, Infinity War, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, his growth continues to be an interesting development to watch throughout the MCU.

Though Gunn did a lot to clarify how Groot has grown so far in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies leading into Infinity War, it remains to be seen how the character and the next two Avengers sequels will compare to their predecessors, as well as the rest of the MCU. There’s plenty of uncertainty surrounding Groot and Vol. 3 at this point, but there’s no shortage of intrigue.

Spider-Man Has a Web Parachute in New Homecoming Concept Art

Spider-Man looks to be in danger as he untangles a web parachute in some newly released concept art from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The solo debut of Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is just days away from release, and new content continues to trickle out to promote Tom Holland’s first major leading role.

The newest images from Homecoming include Spider-Man fighting the Shocker, while Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has recently been quite active in his promotion of the movie just ahead of its release. Concept art has surfaced online as well, including looks at Spider-Man fighting the fake Avengers and at the expressions of Spidey’s new mask. The newest released design, however, shows Spider-Man having a bit of trouble with a parachute.

Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding shared a previously unreleased piece of concept art for Homecoming to his Instagram account on Sunday, revealing a tangled-up Spider-Man who looks to be in serious danger. Spider-Man’s high-tech suit designed by Tony Stark does contain a parachute, which can be seen briefly in the third trailer for Homecoming as Spider-Man gets pulled high into the sky by Vulture (Michael Keaton). Check it out below:

“Working for [director Jon Watts] was a fantastic time, so many awesome moments to draw!” Meinerding’s caption reads. A longtime artist for Marvel Studios, Meinerding is credited as part of the art department as far back as the first Iron Man. He’s also credited in the art department for The AvengersCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Much of the action in previews for Homecoming shows Holland showing off his powers and the bells & whistles of his high-tech suit, but only brief glimpses at the more dangerous situations. Clearly, he’s eventually going to need the parachute and it may not be easy to get it to work at first. Battling the Vulture above New York City will do that. This new concept art is an intriguing preview of what to expect when Spider-Man faces adversity.

Holland’s version of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming is being billed as a more fun-loving version of the character than usual, embracing and enjoying his powers instead of viewing them as a burden. That attitude likely won’t help him when he’s plunging through the sky needing to untangle a parachute. If Meindering’s new concept art is any indication, a potential parachute problem could be one of the biggest obstacles for the hero to overcome.

Baywatch’s Priyanka Chopra Wants to Play DCEU’s Batgirl

Priyanka Chopra sets her sights on the lead role in Batgirl. With the DCEU successfully debuting Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, fans are already on the lookout for the next female-led superhero film from the shared cinematic universe, which should be Joss Whedon’s Batgirl. While there is no casting confirmed for Batgirl as of yet, one actress has already publicly expressed her eagerness to don the character. The project was just announced last March and will be both be written and directed by Whedon. Reportedly, its premise will take on Barbara Gordon’s storyline in the New 52 comic book series by Gail Simone.

Chopra, who originally hails from India, has made a name for herself in Hollywood with a part in the recently released Baywatch film revival alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron. But arguably, her biggest international break thus far is her leading role in the ABC drama/thriller Quantico, in which she has played Alex Parrish since 2015.

While on the road promoting Baywatch, Chopra told OK! Magazine [h/t Top Ten Perfumes] that she hopes to eventually suit up as a superhero in a comic book film. And if given the opportunity, she is game to play Barbara Gordon in the Whedon flick. However, she also reveals that while she is currently in talks for a slew of follow-up movie projects, no one has yet to reach out to her with regards to taking the role of the DC superhero.

“But my dream part is, now that I’m working in America, I definitely want to do a superhero part. When I think of American movies, they’ve had superheroes for eons right? So I definitely want to play a superhero and I want to have an interesting super power. I don’t know… Batgirl would be so cool!”


In retrospect, Chopra is a great candidate for the gig. Her work in Quantico speaks for itself in terms of whether she will be able to effectively play the role of a strong-willed female character. Her versatility in terms of acting – perfectly nailing the role of an independent and yet vulnerable woman – is also a good fit if Whedon launches Barbara Gordon’s movie story after she was infamously paralyzed by Joker and eventually becomes Batgirl in New 52.

There a campaign going around the internet pushing DC and Warner Bros. to cast a person of color to promote diversity in the expanding DECU. Obviously, if the movie bosses take on this route, Chopra will be a perfect candidate for the gig, especially with her extensive Bollywood career before breaking into the international scene. Meanwhile, Lindsay Morgan, who is of Hispanic descent, appears to also be one of the popular choices to breathe Barbara Gordon to life on the big screen. Her body of work includes a recurring gig in the CW post-apocalyptic series, The 100, as Raven.

With the project not having any attached actress to it thus far, fans are eagerly anticipating a casting reveal soon. But with Whedon currently busy with taking over Justice League from Zack Snyder, it is expected that Batgirl will have to wait until after the DC ensemble film is all set.

Thor’s Hammer Returns in New Avengers 3 Set Photo

Thor’s hammer makes a return appearance in a new Avengers: Infinity War set photo. While that film will reunite all of the Avengers for the third time onscreen together too, Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder will return one more time before that in this year’s Thor: Ragnarok. Directed by Taika Waititi, Ragnarok promises to be a massive, comedic detour from what the previous two Thor movies were, sending Thor, some returning cast members, along with a whole array of new characters on a grand adventure across space.

One of the more jaw-dropping moments from the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer as well, was the moment when fans saw Cate Blanchett’s villainous Hela, destroy Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, with her bare hands. There was no further explanation for the moment or teases of how exactly the God of Thunder tries to compensate for the loss of his most prized possession, but it effectively established Hela’s danger and dominance over the film’s heroes in a matter of mere seconds.

However, while a previously-released piece of concept art from Infinity War had made it look like Mjolnir’s destruction would be permanent, a new set photo makes it look as though the opposite might be true. Posted by The Russo Brothers through their official Instagram page, the image shows Joe Russo directing while filming at the Durham Cathedral, which was used in the Harry Potter movies. But standing behind Russo is a Priest holding the legendary hammer. With a caption that only reads “Worthy,” there isn’t much explanation for the hammer’s presence on the set either. Check out the photo for yourself down below:


A post shared by The Russo Brothers (@therussobrothers) on

The location itself looks like it could fit in well with the previously-established Asgardian aesthetic, though, that doesn’t explain why there would be a Priest on the set, especially if it’s an actor in costume. And with no explanation for why and how Mjolnir is there, still completely intact, it’s hard to know where and how this moment in the film factors into the actual story of Infinity War.

There is the possibility that this is a flashback, with Thor heading back in time thanks to the powers of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, in an attempt to recover Mjolnir before it was broken by Hela, but that’s about as speculative as it gets.  This also seems to go against the first piece of concept art that was released for Infinity War, which saw Thor fighting alongside Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon, while wielding a weapon that did not look at all like Mjolnir. So at this point, it’s impossible to know what exactly is happening in this photo, or why Mjolnir is included in it – but with a little less than a year to go until Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters, there’s still plenty of time to speculate and try figuring it out.

Wonder Woman Poster Recreated With LEGO Figure

One of the posters for Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman gets a LEGO makeover. Ever since The LEGO Movie became the surprise smash hit of the year in 2014, there’s been an upsurge in the number of artists re-creating images and scenes in the iconic building toy. With the release of The LEGO Batman Movie this year, DC characters made of the building blocks have been front and center for many fans. Earlier this month, several iconic Batman movie posters were remade in LEGO to celebrate the home release of the film.

And now, with the DCEU’s Wonder Woman only one week away, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to learn that Diana Prince has also been getting the LEGO treatment from various fans. There’s a lot of posters and sneak peeks of the film for fans to choose from, and now one studio has made a LEGO version of a poster, and promises a LEGO re-working of one of the TV spots to come soon.

Huxley Berg Studios is a YouTube channel that re-creates movie and TV scenes in LEGO, using stop-motion animation. The studio also has an Instagram account, where they posted a re-creation of a Wonder Woman poster entirely in LEGO. The image they chose to recreate is of Diana Prince striding forward, deflecting a bullet with one bracelet. The picture was captioned: “#wonderwoman poster recreation, tv spot in lego coming soon!”

The image is a fantastic re-creation of the poster, right down to the LEGO-ized Wonder Woman logo at the bottom. The promise of a TV spot coming soon is particularly interesting, although the studio chose not to give any hints as to which TV spot they will be recreating, or when exactly it will be released.

Obviously, this is not officially connected with Warner Bros or the DCEU in any way, and is only a fan homage to the upcoming movie. It also will be recreating an existing TV spot, rather than depicting any new scenes.

That said, this is a really fun way to promote the film, and show off Huxley Berg’s talents as an animator and image designer at the same time. The studio creates a whole range of videos based on TV and film, but the majority of their work does focus on superheros and superhero movies, so it’s also likely that this won’t be the only upcoming DC movie to get the LEGO treatment from them.

Upcoming Fast and Furious Movies: List Of Titles And Release Dates

The Fate Of The Furious’ tenure at the box office has been a rollicking success. Not only did it set the record for the highest-grossing opening of all time, but its worldwide total is currently at $1.215 billion, as well. While that’s still behind franchise-holder Furious 7’s haul of $1.516 billion, Universal Pictures and the Fast And The Furious team have still decided that future installments are a good risk.

In fact, The Fate Of The Furious was described as the first in a new trilogy of films from the franchise, while Universal Pictures has already announced that a spin-off film featuring two of the most beloved characters from the series will get their own adventure, as well. But, what do we know about the upcoming Fast And Furious movies?

We here at CinemaBlend have decided that, in the wake of the tremendous triumph of The Fate Of The Furious and with the next installments set to hit us in quick succession over the coming years, a crash course on the upcoming list of titles and their release dates was required. So, without further ado, here are the future films from The Fast And The Furious that have the near impossible task of trying to top the audacious efforts that have preceded them.


Fast & Furious 9

The Fate Of The Furious actually set itself up rather nicely for a sequel. All of the gang were reunited on a New York rooftop, the bad blood between Dom and Deckard Shaw seems to have been forgotten about and everyone looking as though they’re getting along famously. Letty doesn’t have an issue with Dom having a child, while Charlize Theron’s Cipher is still on the loose. After she murdered Elsa Pataky’s Elena, right in front of Dom and their son, the posse will be intent, no doubt, on gaining some revenge against her. But the good vibes between Deckard and Dom will really be put to the test with the return of Han Lue. Despite the revelation at the end of Fast & Furious 6 that Deckard was responsible for Han’s death in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, Han Lue may actually be alive and well, as screenwriter Chris Morgan and producer Neal Moritz have confirmed that Sung Kang will reprise his role in the next installment. Or, of course, it’s possible that he will just be used in flashbacks instead. Along with Han Lue, the rest of the leading team has strongly suggested that they will return, too, which will hopefully means more screen time for the mercurial Helen Mirren. The problem is, since Brian Torretto will very much be in his infancy, Dom and Letty will either need to get the world’s most secure booster seat, or we’ll soon find out who the best babysitter out of Hobbs, Shaw, Letty, Roman, Tej and Ramsay is. My money is on Roman.

When It’s Released: April 19, 2019.


Fast & Furious 10

Since those involved in Fate Of The Furious have been pretty quick to reveal that this was the start of a trilogy, we can expect Fast & Furious 9 to end on a bit of a tease. Sadly, Chris Morgan has already insisted that this won’t include a trip to space, which feels like a wasted opportunity to me. Hopefully he’ll change his mind, but in the meantime we can only speculate about how both the ninth and tenth films will try to top their predecessors. After dragging a vault through Rio, crashing through two skyscrapers and racing a submarine, it’s going to be very tough. This will be further complicated by the fact that Dominic Toretto will undoubtedly be trying to balance his need for speed with fatherhood. The question is whether the film will decide to keep Brian Toretto as an infant. They could instead move a few years into the future and then show him on the hunt for revenge against Cipher alongside his old man. This would also give fans the opportunity for the film to depict Dom teaching his kid how to drive, a scene that we all would love to see. Don’t forget that Mia and Brian’s own son could be brought in, too. What we do know is that Brian O’Conner almost certainly won’t be seen again, as producer Neal Moritz previously insisted it would be too hard to see the character again without Paul Walker. Neal Moritz has also insisted that Fast & Furious 10 will definitely mark the end of the franchise, and that while they don’t quite know the journey yet, they do know how it will end. But, come the release of Fast & Furious 10, if the franchise is still financially flourishing it will be interesting to see if this actually marks the end, or if it will instead gear up for even more installments. We now have just under four years until we will find out.

When It’s Released: April 2, 2021


Luke Hobbs And Deckard Shaw Spin-Off

While Vin Diesel was more than happy to share the revelation that two more Fast And Furious films would be coming in the ensuing years, rounding up the saga’s total to 10 films, he’s been much quieter about the proposed Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw spin-off, which would star Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, respectively. That’s understandable, considering the reported tiff between Diesel and Johnson. Shortly after the release of The Fate Of The Furious, and following on from its record breaking opening, Universal and Johnson himself quickly teased that Hobbs and Shaw would get their own film. Fate Of The Furious actually did a sterling job of setting up their camaraderie, putting them in a number of scenes together, and Johnson and Statham were able to create a genuine buzz. There were even rumors that the film contained a deleted scene that saw the duo finally going to have their long touted fight, only to then decide not to do so at the last minute, and then vow to work together instead of with Dom. It was intended to launch the spin-off, but, even without that little tip of the hat, the potential blockbuster is still coming. It’s just a question of when it will be released, with April 2020 a potential spot, as it would give fans their annual Fast And Furious injection, and would fit neatly in between the ninth and tenth films.


Sony has released the international poster for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The poster features Spidey (Tom Holland) front and centre, flanked by Iron-Man (Robert Downey Jr.)  and The Vulture (Michael Keaton). The Avengers Tower can be seen in the background.


Sony has dropped the poster simultaneously with both international and domestic trailers for its upcoming flick, which lands in theatres July 7 in the USA, July 6 in Australia, and July 5 in the UK. For more on Spider-Man: Homecoming, here are 17 things we learned on the set.